Marinda de Vos, CEO & Founder of CPT Bookings, established her company in 2013.  Together with her husband, Marius de Vos, they build the company around their passion to assist SMME’s and Entrepreneurs reach their full potential.  Companies and Entities that will Thrive.  Not just Survive. 

Approximately 80% of all new small businesses fail in their first year of operation. We at CPT Bookings are passionate about supporting, developing and promoting small and medium enterprise; helping them to grow their business and thriveability.

The services offered range from Registering the Business and compliance with all legal requirements to Social Media & Marketing tools.

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Are you a small enterprise owner in need of added-value non-financial support?  Then contact Marinda de Vos on +27829554725 or email marinda@capetownbookings.co.za