Do you have a “sacred place” that is just yours? That allows you to have the space and freedom to work on what is important. Some of us work in “hot desk” environments. But these seem to be designed more to save money for the industrial corporation complex than forRead More →

Conversations. We all have them.  We enjoy the banter and insights. We laugh, we joke and discuss what matters. We are social creatures. But there is another side to our conversations that is not often discussed. Often not talked about. The other conversations And I am not talking about the ones with otherRead More →

The big questions. What do you do with your life? Who do you want to be when you grow up? These answers are easy when you’re young. You want to be your super hero. And for me that wasn’t complicated at the age of 7. It was Batman or Superman.Read More →

Do you ever get to the end of the day and feel empty? It’s a gnawing feeling. Faint. A whisper. You have been busy and you have done all the things that society and family demands. Kept your end of the bargain. Been responsible. Looked after the essentials. Done theRead More →

Career progression used to be linear… Get a job, work hard, and make your way up the organizational hierarchy. Predefined structures determined a career path and tenure was reflected in a salary. Over the past few decades, the workplace has embarked on a new journey. Globalization has changed cultural expectationsRead More →