Marinda de Vos will design an Interactive Website for your business that is Mobile Responsive, Modern and Search Engine Friendly.

The Website is registered in your name and you have full control over it.

You choose your monthly Hosting package according to the volumes required for your business.  Packages range from R39 to R175 per month and includes a minimum of 50 email accounts.

There is no limit on the number of pages and the possibilities are endless:

  • Image Galleries
  • Sliders
  • Social Media Links
  • Videos
  • WhatsApp Widget
  • Contact Forms
  • Surveys
  • Google Maps with Directions

You will receive training on how to manage your own site, upload images and change or add pages.

Top 10 elements of a great website

The TOP 10 Elements of a great website:

  1. Navigation – The design of your website should be attractive and functional. Menus should be clearly available and easily navigated.
  2. Visual Design – First Impressions last. So make them count with striking graphics and images. Keep animation etc to a minimum.
  3. Content – The Backbone of your website. The reason people visit your site. Ensure that your website text is informative, easy to read and accurate.
  4. Web Search Friendly – A website can be beautiful, with great images and interesting content. If it is not web-friendly, it will not be effective. Ensure it has Headers, Alt Descriptions on images and Meta Tags.
  5. Interaction – Attract your website visitor’s attention from the second they land. Interact with them and invite them to interact with you. Careful to not annoy them.
  6. Accessible Information – Someone looking for your address or contact details, should find it easily and immediately.
  7. Intuitiveness – Ensure your website visitors find what they are looking forward easily. Without having to sift through pages and pages of information.
  8. Branding – Keep your branding clear and your website a true reflection of your branding components. Enhance your online presence with your website branding.
  9. Loading time – In the era of instant gratification, website visitors do not wish to wait for ages for your page to open. Keep it light, fast and accessible.
  10. Conversion – Of course the reason why you have a website is to interact with potential clients, customers or stakeholders. Ensure your website supplies ample opportunities for visitors to do exactly that.

Now that you know what you want, contact Marinda on +27 82 955 4725 or email for a free quote.

Should you prefer, Marinda offers 1 hour per month free for updates and changes.

Website Maintenance is included in the monthly Social Media Marketing Gold Package.