New trends in digital advertising keep unfolding. With never-ending progress in formats, resolutions, mediums, and channels, you may wonder, “how do I catch up with all of them”? The answer is, there’s no need to apply everything in order to succeed. In this post, I will share with you some core tips regarding advertising strategies, best ad format choices, and also investigate how to keep up with the evolution of the digital advertising industry. Key digital advertising trends There are a couple of digital advertising trends you’ve probably heard about, such as the growth of visual and voice search, development of computer vision, and the increasingRead More →

Wondering how to get more exposure for your brand on TikTok? Have you considered a TikTok challenge? In this article, you’ll learn how to use TikTok challenges for your business. What Is a TikTok Challenge? TikTok is quickly becoming the social media platform of the moment, with recent statistics showing the app has now been downloaded […] The post How to Use TikTok Challenges for Business appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

What’s your personality? Can your friends describe you in one or a couple of words? And can you describe, let’s say your colleague that way? You probably started naming adjectives like smart, funny, or sophisticated. We use the qualities that the person shows to better categorize and understand our feelings towards them. That’s basically how nature works. Brand identity is kinda the same. Since a brand represents a group of people working for a certain goal, we unwillingly personalize it. We add human-like attributes based on what the business does and doesn’t do. When there’s a lot of competition, you need to make sure thatRead More →

Do you know if your Facebook ads are working? Wondering which key metrics you should be tracking? In this article, you’ll discover seven important Facebook ad metrics you need to know, where to find them in Ads Manager, and what to do when you’re not getting the results you want. #1: Return on Ad Spend […] The post How to Analyze Your Facebook Ad Results: 7 Metrics to Track appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, a news show for marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of social media. On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore new management tools for Facebook Groups admins and moderators and how they can leverage the growth of […] The post New Facebook Group Tools: What Group Admins Need to Know appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

Want to attract more of your ideal customers? Do you know which words and phrases resonate most with your prospects? To explore how to come up with the right messages to attract your preferred customers, I interview Jeffrey Shaw on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Jeffrey is a brand message consultant who helps businesses attract […] The post Messaging Matters: How to Attract Your Ideal Customers appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

Email marketing is arguably the best digital marketing channel with a reported return on investment of $38 per each #1 spent. Email newsletters and triggered emails are, unsurprisingly, widely popular techniques for engaging customers and making more sales, with the vast majority of eCommerce businesses relying on them every day. In addition to having a superior ability to sell, emails are also a worthwhile strategy for improving the effectiveness of other marketing techniques. Social media marketing is without a doubt the best candidate for partnership with emails, and here’s why: Most customers browse social media and emails on mobile, which means that combining the twoRead More →

Social media is in a constant state of flux as new technologies emerge and customers engage in innovative ways with their favorite brands. It’s where your customers are, and it’s where they’re making decisions. So how should you be leveraging it? When social media first began booming, there was a wide range of rules and taboos that silently governed how companies engaged with their customers. While some of these “rules” still stand, the most progressive companies are breaking through these guidelines in order to create real and meaningful engagement that helps them stand out from their competitors. Here are some tips on how to breakRead More →

Want a highly engaged LinkedIn following? Looking for tips to spur engagement? In this article, you’ll discover how to cultivate a following on LinkedIn. #1: Prepare Key LinkedIn Profile Components to Make a Good First Impression People see your LinkedIn headline when you share a post, comment on someone else’s post, or send an invitation […] The post How to Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement: 4 Tips appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

Facebook is one of the best networks for generating more sales on your eCommerce store. It accounts for 80.4% of traffic to eCommerce stores. This is around 8 times more than the traffic Instagram drives. And 78% of people have discovered products to buy via Facebook. So, to help you fortify your Facebook eCommerce marketing strategy, I have listed some top tips below. They include both organic and paid methods. #1. Create a Facebook optimized eCommerce website The first thing you will need to do is optimize your eCommerce store product pages to drive more Facebook shares and traffic. You can do this by: AddingRead More →