Want more traffic from your Facebook posts? Need algorithm-friendly ideas that will get your content seen? In this article, you’ll learn what to avoid and discover ideas that will help you get more Facebook traffic. #1: Avoid Posts That Don’t Play to the Facebook Algorithm Facebook marketing has never been harder. What used to be […] The post How to Drive More Facebook Organic Traffic to Your Site appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

Do you ever get to the end of the day and feel empty? It’s a gnawing feeling. Faint. A whisper. You have been busy and you have done all the things that society and family demands. Kept your end of the bargain. Been responsible. Looked after the essentials. Done the paperwork. Gone to work. It should be enough. But deep down the happiness and joy is hiding. But the reality? You haven’t taken a step towards what fulfills you deep down. And on reflection it means that if you keep driving into a life full of meaningless busyness you will have been dragged into trivia.Read More →

Do you want to do more with Instagram Stories? Wondering how to create Instagram Stories that engage viewers? To explore how to create compelling Instagram Stories for business, I interview Alex Beadon. Alex is an Instagram Stories expert who specializes in helping people use Instagram for business. Her course is Gram Slam and her podcast […] The post Instagram Stories for Business: How to Create Engaging Stories appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

Long before the age of technology, fonts have been evolving. We’ve come a long way since scriptwriting, mainly because our works are no longer in scrolls but anywhere from screens to print ads. Fonts have changed with our times and the means of which content was presented to us, yet that doesn’t mean all fonts have gone outdated. Some of them outlasted the test of time and are still used today! Finding that perfect font can often feel like locating a needle in a haystack, however, it’s important to remember that before we dive into that haystack, we need to understand a few of theRead More →

Some of the very best brands on social media get by with a little help from their friends — agencies and consultants and strategists. If the agency route is one you’ve thought about exploring, then we think you’ll find a lot to love in this collection of agency advice, tips, and strategy. Or if you already have an agency on board, then hopefully some of our examples will inspire your next collaboration. Keep reading as we discuss how to know if you need an agency, which factors to consider when looking for an ideal partner, and some examples of agency partnerships done well. We hopeRead More →

Brands and businesses across the Globe look to channelize all their marketing, promotional, and operational endeavors to attain one long-term vision… To generate an influx of revenue that is well and truly more than the year gone by. Right at the epicenter of this vision lays the trump-card that more often than not helps brands acquire the revenue they are after. They are popularly known as the customers, and it’s imperative that they are treated well. Now it’s one thing having existing customers, but something else to keep them around for the longest time to come. And then there is the whole proposition of acquiringRead More →

Do you create written content? Wondering how LinkedIn articles can improve your exposure? In this article, you’ll learn how to create LinkedIn articles that amplify your reach and engagement on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Articles vs. LinkedIn Posts: What Is the Difference? While LinkedIn posts and status updates are limited to 1,300 characters, LinkedIn articles can be […] The post How to Create LinkedIn Articles That People Will Read and Share appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

Social media is home to billions of users worldwide. 2.62 billion, to be exact. And PPC has a proven track record: producing $2 for every dollar spent. The only problem is: how can you leverage both? Sure, you can run campaigns on Facebook or promoted posts on Instagram. Meanwhile, you can launch targeted search campaigns on Google. But, what if you could combine both, creating a seamless experience for users from start to finish? Here are three ways to do just that and get more conversions. 1. Target specific social post engagements with Google Remarketing Social media is rarely a place for more conversions. People areRead More →

Do you want to do more with your organic social media activities? Is working with many different team members and departments slowing you down? In this article, you’ll discover how to increase the success of your organic social activities while working with many people. #1: Gather Your Foundational Campaign Elements Start by building your organic […] The post How to Organize Your Team for Successful Organic Social Campaigns appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

You could have the greatest website in the world with the highest SEO ranking, but if you sell physical products or services, and depend on people coming to see you face-to-face, you’re probably not making much of a living. In a world that is so digitally focused, how do you get people to tear themselves away from their screens, get into their cars, and come into your store? It’s all about creating a customer journey and guiding your new website visitors into your space. Surprisingly, a very small number of brick and mortar business website ask their visitors to do anything at all. Yet, aRead More →