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Content marketing is getting very competitive as more and more businesses are implementing it. People publish around 70 million blog posts a month and the spend on content marketing is always increasing. Shares and referrals from social networks have been decreasing too as networks are doing their best to keep users on their networks instead of directing traffic to websites. The rise in competition, coupled with the restrictions placed by social networks is making content marketing harder. This is why if you want to continue generating traffic, leads, and sales from your content marketing efforts, creating the same old boring content won’t do. You needRead More →

“Man, that’s a lot of traffic.” While this phrase is generally the last thing you want to hear (especially when you’re heading out of the office to go home), it is actually music to a marketer’s ears. Increasing online traffic is often one of the top priorities and goals for most marketing teams – as a higher number of website visitors usually equates to more opportunities for sales. And yet, increasing traffic remains a top marketing challenge year after year. Image Source If you take a quick Google search, you will see that there are plenty of marketers who claim to spill the secrets onRead More →

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Most people think “great content” is what’s going to help them improve their SEO standing. Alas, that isn’t true anymore. You could write an incredible article and that still would not be enough, unfortunately! With competition on the rise, you need to work twice as hard now to stay relevant. So if you want to get noticed, you absolutely have to make use of link building techniques. Keep in mind that these techniques aren’t a substitute for great content. Don’t compromise on your writing quality. One such technique is the now-famous Skyscraper Technique. What is the Skyscraper Technique? Why is it famous? All valid questionsRead More →

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Social media defined the most successful marketing campaigns in 2019. Remember Popeyes chicken sandwich promotion campaign on Twitter? Image Source: Twitter Popeyes managed to sell all their chicken sandwich supplies over several weeks. As a result, their Twitter promotion campaign turned out to be a $65 million win. And it’s not just the competition between Popeyes, Wendy’s, and Chick-fil-A that made this campaign successful. There’s something bigger behind this success. As big as social data. What is social data and how does it impact marketing campaigns? Social data is a very valuable asset that brings you plenty of benefits to launch a successful marketing campaign.Read More →

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