Thinking of putting your business on TikTok? Wondering how other brands are using TikTok successfully? In this article, you’ll discover how to create TikTok video and find examples to inspire you to use TikTok in your own marketing. Why Consider TikTok? TikTok’s growth is fascinating on many levels. For starters, it’s the first major social […] The post How to Get Started With TikTok: A Guide for Marketers appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

In the ever-changing world of marketing, businesses are always on the lookout for new, and innovative ways to sell their products to a broader audience. At times, service-centric companies find themselves overlooked in a sea filled with organizations advertising products. Well, simply put, marketing a service is no easy feat. The most obvious problem being the lack of physical evidence – how do you promote something that isn’t tangible? How do you convince an individual to invest their time and money in an object that they can’t see or feel? The grey area that lies between selling the invisible is precisely where the great conundrumRead More →

Want to make your business more memorable on Instagram? Looking for tips to boost brand loyalty with your audience? In this article, you’ll discover five tips to ensure your Instagram account stands out. #1: Give Your Instagram Copy Personality When developing an Instagram business profile, most companies focus on the visual aspects of their brand. […] The post 5 Ways to Humanize Your Instagram Business Account appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

Since the feature was introduced in August 2016, Stories have completely changed how people, and brands use Instagram.  More than 500 million Instagrammers use Stories every day, and the format has opened up a wealth of content opportunities for marketers: Whether you want to boost engagement, take your followers behind-the-scenes or promote your latest product releases and sales, you can do it all with Instagram Stories.  Now you can also plan and schedule Instagram Stories directly within Buffer, on web or on mobile. Try it now for free.  Introducing Buffer for Instagram Stories  Buffer helps you prepare and share your Stories with confidence. With BufferRead More →

There’s a whole lot of amazing content being generated each minute on different platforms. Here are some mind-boggling facts: Instagram users publish 46,740 posts per minute. Google conducts 3,607,080 searches per minute. Twitter users send 456,000 tweets per minute. Yes, content is essential. Google loves quality content. Your visitors love content. But it simply makes no sense to write content for the sake of writing. Not only do you have to produce quality content but you also need to adopt methods to distribute it. Producing content is one side – marketing it is another. Content marketing is an absolute requirement for brand survival and itRead More →

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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, a news show for marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of social media. On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore enhanced LinkedIn ads targeting tools, as well as Pinterest business profile and shopping updates with guests AJ […] The post LinkedIn Enhanced Ads Targeting Tools: What Marketers Need to Know appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

Want to use video marketing more effectively? Looking for a proven video strategy? To explore how to develop an effective video marketing strategy, I interview Ben Amos on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Ben is a video marketing expert and host of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast. He coaches video marketers and video producers and […] The post Video Marketing Strategy: The Power of Video During the Customer Journey appeared first on Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.Read More →

Shopify is now one of the leading platforms when it comes to creating and running an eCommerce store. Shopify says it does all the heavy lifting for you, and all you have to do is just count the profits. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Shopify does manage a lot of things for you, but you need to know some key details before you pay for a plan. This ensures your store runs at 100% efficiency from day one. Here are 7 Shopify tips to get you started on the right foot. #1. Focus on mobile while designing a website Shopify has aRead More →

Video on demand (VOD) is the future and the future is here. All over the web, new services are popping up, offering consumers a new way to view their media. Some of that is already published media that they have bought the rights to (Shudder). Others are original content made by these services, giving them a unique platform where people can enjoy new kinds of video series they couldn’t see anywhere else (the now-defunct Seeso). Other platforms allow for both (Go90). Over the top programming puts control into the viewer’s hands and Netflix, Hulu and other services show us the value of the business model.Read More →