SobAlert Effective and Natural Hang

SOBALERT is a natural health supplement from the Cape floral kingdom that protects the liver plus in larger doses (4-6 tablets) prevents hangovers and next day breathalyser is negative.

Many people get the impression that SOBALERT is all about preventing hangovers but it boosts the immune system, is calming, healthy and because of the flavonoid content produces SIDEROCALIN which reduces urinary tract infections.

Also, SOBALERT increases fat cell sensitivity to insulin so it is a great health supplement.

SOBALERT does much more than what it was intended and it can be taken as a vitamin or green tea because it is packed with goodness.

Medical Aid Covered & Available at all pharmacies in South Africa 100% Natural Cape Flora

Do you pop ‘liver helping’ pills before functions and parties? You are doing great but you can do better for less and much more healthy. The other great news is that it is covered by the medical aid companies.

Immune system boosting @SobAlert is Better! It tastes great, is chew-able. It consists of 100% natural Cape Flora, aids your brain, liver, blood and your entire system. Unlike chemical tablets, no side-effects or warning leaflets!

As an immune booster SOBALERT also reduces urinary tract infections as flavonoids produce SIDEROCALIN and SOBALERT also good for lethargy and provide a natural boost for the body.

Many beneficial ingredients from the Cape Floral kingdom including Bucchu, Rooibos & Green tea, Sceletia, Honeybush tea, SobAlert, Devils Claw for osteoarthritis & many others with trace elements.

We are extremely proud of this totally natural and very effective product from the Cape Floral kingdom.  It is an unprecedented and effective immune booster and Hangover Prevention Medication! ~ SobAlert is made from highly specialised, all-natural ingredients which neutralise the substances that cause hangovers and at the same time boosts your entire immune system. It is a natural alcohol metaboliser.

TRY it! You will feel the difference!